my iPhone shattered


My iPhone fell out of my gym bag as I headed to work out and my precious, beautiful iPhone’s corner shattered. I slapped an expensive plastic skin on it to keep it from shattering more, but the damage is done and now, even as I peck this entry out, I am reminded that working out is bad for me.

I cherish this iPhone and the sweet, unlimited data plan I was grandfathered into. I told my co-worker that I shattered my iPhone and he thought I said I broke my ankle and for a minute I thought breaking my ankle wouldn’t be so bad because my ankle will heal and my iPhone 4 will be like this until I upgrade.

But how stupid is that fleeting logic, especially since I walk everywhere and having never broken a bone on my body, how am I to say that an intact phone is worth the pain, misery and disability of a broken ankle. That is how skewed my brain is because of this magical piece of technological sorcery.

I need to know where it is at all times, even if I’m too busy to use it. I give it to Nathan so he can sit inside the grocery cart and watch Thomas the Train on YouTube and I can buy a dozen eggs without angrily crushing each white shell because a five-year-old cannot stop repeating, “Shake it in your booty butt!” But even if he’s occupied, I keep a hawkeye watch on my precious gadget because I do not trust it with a child who yells out when his baby brother cries: “I didn’t hit him!”

If you come into any champagne or Olde English 40s–I don’t judge, friend–please pour one out for my dear phone in hopes that it’ll stay with me until I can upgrade in November 2012 (!) and pour another glass out for my poor, iPhone addled brain that is so overwhelmed, it’s hard to finish a sente

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  1. Oh, that’s a bummer. But the smallest consolation is that it’s just a corner.
    C @ Kid Things recently posted..Colors of This Rainbow

  2. this happened to my husband and he went to an apple store and they replaced the screen free of charge. you might try it won’t hurt. just a suggestion.

  3. Dude, that’s not a good way to start the weekend… Hope Donna’s right and you can get the screen replaced. Here’s hoping!
    Brittany recently posted..Tennessee Recap (and Let the Saving Begin)

  4. Were you able to get it fixed? I dropped my phone in some water (read: toilet) about a week ago. It doesn’t make any sounds anymore, so I miss a lot of calls, but I am so thankful it still works.

  5. There is a company is SF that Adam sent his to when it shattered. For 90 bucks they replaced the screen and mailed it back in about 4 days. You should try it. Better than waiting till 2012!

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