Sometimes they are not nice to each other. They yank toys out of each other’s hands, cry when one gets a popsicle and the other did not get one quickly enough. I will yell out, “Be nice to your brother!” or “Hug your brother!” or “GET OFF of HIM! YOUR BROTHER NEEDS TO BREATHE!”

And then there are these moments when they can be corralled, sit long enough in the same space that I can manage shooting a few photos–proof that there were cordial though later they would fight over that stupid, useless red bucket.

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  1. My sister & I are 16 mos apart. I remember hearing nearly the same statements being yelled – substituting “GIRLS” for the boys part, of course. My favorite move was to sit on my sister, then jump up, with her hitting me, right as Mom walked in. I was a master.

  2. Look how cute they are!
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  3. Oh these pictures are so great!
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