Nurturing myself with Dove Nutrium Moisture Body Wash

From the moment I wake up, I am running–mentally and physically. My brain races to what needs to be done, what appointments need to be made, what questions I need to ask my kid’s teacher, what projects need to be completed at work. I am managed by deadlines and bus schedules. I have a full-time job outside the home and another full-time job inside. I cherish the moments I have all to myself. I steal away time whenever I can, the angelic sound of silence that isn’t filled with my five-year-old singing the same inane cartoon theme song or my toddler waddling toward me, his eyes hungry and his mouth addressing me as “DADA!”

As hectic as it is, it is a far cry from what I was last year. I was carrying around pregnancy weight from my youngest son as well as the residual weight from my oldest. I hid my body under heavy, drape-like dresses. When I decided to reprogram my life by eating healthy, working out, and dressing like a woman, not just a mom, it had an immediate impact. I felt great. I was a better employee, a better mother, a better partner, a refined version of Mona because I made time for myself, finally becoming a priority in a sea of other people’s needs.

I am now fiercely protective of the time I have alone, even if it means I have to lock the bathroom door to keep two little humans outside because they hear the rush of the water filling the bathtub and they think it’s their bath time. Their little fists start pounding against the door and I’m hollering, “There’s no room in here! This is just for mommy!” Sometimes I have to take my cell phone into the bathroom with me so I can call the landline and get my husband to intervene because when the call is coming from inside the house: MOMMY MEANS BUSINESS.

Dove Nutrium Moisture Body Wash has been the perfect addition to my beauty regime, a simple way to elevate the time I have advocated to have alone. I love my products because they are strictly mine and this was an instant complement. The sweet, gentle smells that this wash produced made it clear that this is for me. This is not to be repurposed for my children. There was no cartoon character on the bottle, no screaming font or loud colors. It moisturized my skin, leaving it soft and creamy without any oily or soapy remains. This was sophisticated and simple, the perfect solution to calm whatever chaos comes my way.

Dove Nutrium Moisture Body Wash gives me the quick dose of luxury that I don’t get from other parts of my life, a bottle of nourishment that reminds me that for a little while, the only person I have to think about is me.

Have you found a way to care for yourself? Do you work out for hours or eat ice cream right out of the tub? What nourishes you?

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  1. Reading and surfing online
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  2. taking a bath is very relaxing

  3. Nicole Larsen says:

    I make sure even if I don’t want to, I eat breakfast—it always starts my day off well by nourishing my body 🙂

  4. Nicole Larsen says: