Fashion Flashback

1989 styling: my sister bobbie, my dad, and me!

Here we are in 1989, somewhere in Salem, Oregon. My dad is wearing the shirt every Chamorro man of his generation wore: a Hawaiian-Japanese style fabric shirt (sometimes this was sewn with the fabric inside out, don’t ask me why).

I think I might have cut my own six-year-old hair, but I must have successfully convinced my mom to buy me some rad clear jelly shoes and a white romper. I am too busy eating to even look at the camera.

My sister Bobbie of course is way more beautiful than I am in this shot with those acid washed jeans, shades and white TOMS-looking shoes. She must have kept those sunglasses next to her purple Caboodle’s and bottles of Aquanet, clearly marked with a sign that read: DO NOT TOUCH IF YOUR NAME IS MONA.

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  1. Nice picture, Mona! I would like to go back to 1989.

    I’ve always liked the inside out shirts. I didn’t know they were inside out until I was an adult – I just thought it was some cool faded fabric.

    I had those same jelly shoes.

  2. Aww…look at you! So adorable.

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