Life Well Lived: Fall Must-Have Fashion

Seattle is such a dark city in the fall. The gray descends, heaving itself upon this town like a wet towel. So to break out of the cold and to fight my natural inclination to wear all black, here are a few of my must-have fashion picks for this season.

1. Leopard print
I’ve shied away from leopard print for years. I’ve always associated it with gaudy reality tv shows or the Cabana Chat woman on Mad TV. It’s cut from a fabric that my devout Catholic mother never sewed into my dresses. I’ll admit, it can be a bit much or a lot much or hello, I am trying to hard to get noticed. But you know what, fall is the best time to wear something as fierce as this. Why blend into the dullness that is the Seattle freeze when you can bust out a pair of these beauties?

2. Boots!
Boots are fashion’s consolation prize for crappy weather. It’s like it knows what kind of biting wind I will be slapped by as I’m walking out to the mailbox or standing at the bus stop and hands me a jewel to make it all worth it. It’s like going to a stuffy family reunion party and you know it’ll be bearable because your cool aunt who has gaps in employment history and lets you sip her champagne will be there. She will say to you, “Honey, life is tough. But put these on.”

The pair above will be arriving at my doorstep soon and I can’t wait to match it with dresses, pants, leggings (when I am able to wear them with confidence) and walk through the rain like a boss.

3. Glittery nails!
I like doing my own nails. I hate shelling out $40 for a mani/pedi when I can spend that money and fill up my nail polish artillery with some sweet choices.

Have you seen OPI’s Gone Gonzo? I love that shade and the fact that it will link me to my favorite muppet.

What are your fall fashion-must haves? Check out what other tips people are sharing over at BlogHer’s Life Well Lived. You can enter their $250 Sweepstakes. You can spend that money on looking even better than you already do, friend.

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  1. I love leopard print shoes. I had a pair of flats that were leopard print and I loved them and wore them to death. I need to get some new ones, but I’m afraid the rain will ruin them.

    But I did just get two new boots, so it’s not all bad.

  2. If only it were ever anything other than summer here. Every year around this time, I get all sad and longing for a colder climate – for a place with even a 10 degree difference. One where I can wear boots. Katelyn has been asking for boots, I told her that if we ever move to the states, I will buy her boots.

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