I am on the left. This was 1989. I was six years old and traveling with my brother George and my dad. We were moving from Saipan to Salem, Oregon and had stopped in Japan for a few days. My sister, mother and grandmother would make the same trip and meet us on the mainland later.

On the right is my niece Brissa. She is six years old and full of life. She is strong-willed and incredibly smart. I love hearing stories about her and how at a restaurant, she will add onto everyone’s order with, “And one ice cream!”

Most of all, I love that she looks SO much like me. That hair, that face, that look of childlike spunk and superiority. When she saw our faces juxtaposed like this, she answered in true Brissa fashion, “Auntie Mona looks like me.”

What do you think?

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  1. You look like sisters from another mister.

  2. That is uncanny! She is your mini-me.


  1. […] Brissa is strong-willed, plus, she and I looked the same at the age of six, which means I am Future-Brissa and she is Mini-Mona. I would say, pointing to my skin, “Look at your face in 20 years, Brissa. AREN’T YOU […]

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