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My iPhone is my music sanctuary when I’m on the bus and I need to drown out the din of women hemming and hawing on their cell phones or men telling me that a “chemical burn is worse than broken bones”–no joke, a statement that was shared with me even though I did not solicit such an opinion. I also depend on my iPhone at the gym when the clock seems to drag on (are gym minutes the longest minutes or what?) and all the TV’s are on CNN or ESPN. I need something less mentally taxing than world news or game predictions. So here is a few songs that have been on repeat:

Young the Giant – “My Body”
I’ve been needing to hear the pep and energy of Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” but without the guns and massacre references. My niece said that she replaces, “Faster than my bullet” with “Faster than my brother” which is a fine transposition, but she doesn’t know my brother. A bullet is much faster than my brother, George, whom I’ve only seen run once in my life and that was at a restaurant when he ran to the hostess to make sure that our godbrother hadn’t paid for the meal. He never runs when we’re at dinner together and we split the bill even though he ran up the tab with orders of sake and Tsing Tao while I nursed diet cokes and water refills. And he especially didn’t run when my sister Bobbie and her family were all in town and we ate at the Crab Pot, ordering the cheapest seafood combo and Mr. Moneybags ordered the $36/person Pacific Clambake and didn’t share any of the King Crab. Not that I hold any grudges, but since I’m on the subject, he stomped on my early dating chances by holding the phone in front of me and yelling, “TELL HIM YOU’RE BUSY!” Again, no grudges!

Desire – “Under Your Spell”
This song really captures lovesickness, a state most of us have suffered. I love that lyrics: “I don’t eat. I don’t sleep. I do nothing but think of you.” That is what happened to me during most of my high school relationships, except I did eat. Very much. I should have followed that line and maybe I wouldn’t have had to eat until I felt something, mostly surprise that I was able to put away so much food in one sitting.

Drake – “Headlines” (explicit language, be warned. Though we’re talking about Drake. What did you expect?)
I know Drake as a rapper, not as an actor. I never watched Degrassi the New Generation–I’m more of the 80s series Degrassi Junior High fan, with Stefanie Kaye giving Alexa all of her provocative clothing and Alexa having to return it because her mother said it made her look like a “woman of the night.” Woman of the night! I love that phrase. It makes prostitution much less like the world’s oldest profession and more like a nice way to describe a woman with an exciting after-hours life! She’s a classy lady who’s not afraid to show the bartender that her cranberry-tini and mini-burger is covered by a Groupon. She buys her pantyhose in bulk because her kids’ velcro sneaker straps always nick them. She likes to sing rap lyrics in her car when her kids are already sent to daycare and school and no one is around to judge her when she lifts her hands above her and raises the roof, always in earnest.

What are you listening to?

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  1. nice blog! i love the selection of music. i’m listening to them right now. cool!

    BTW, I’m from the Philippines. At first, i thought you were a Filipino because of the word “Kirida,” which means “mistres/otherwoman” in Tagalog, and got me interested ha! Not that i’m implying that you are… LOL.

    Keep it up! Have a great weekend! šŸ™‚

  2. Hey, just getting caught up on your blog posts. Love the acid wash jeans on your sister, btw. Totally boss. So, music… Lately, I’ve been into The Decemberists (The King Is Dead album), Fleet Foxes (Helplessness Blues), White Stripes, and Regina Spektor. I just found an iTunes gift card (from LAST Christmas!), so I’ll have to use it up on some of the music you recommended. Thanks!

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