Taking My Second Shot with the Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS

A few months ago you could find me at 3 in the morning, bleary-eyed and mussy-haired, making animal noises, flipping my tongue in raspberry-spitting waves, and belting out a high-pitched, “Aieeee” or “Hey! Hey! Hey!” Unfortunately, I was not at a wild, uncontrolled rave in a warehouse with a glow-stick necklace. I was in my bathroom, pulling these undignified moves just to get my youngest son, TJ, to look into the camera.

I took a lot of photos in the bathroom setting because TJ took a lot of these 3 AM baths. When TJ was a baby, he did not sleep well which meant that I did not sleep well either. I found the only solution to this rough period was to draw a warm bath. It soothed the savage beast that is a new baby–a baby who ripped me from the comfort of my bed and the sweet dreams wherein I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans without any work at all.

However, most of these photos did not turn out well. They were taken with my iPhone and my sleep-deprived state did not lend itself to carefully composed shots, so they were very blurry. They were lit by the unforgiving brassy yellow sheen that is ubiquitous in bathroom portraits. It looked like I had ferried my son in the middle of the night to some weird karaoke bar and not to the hallway bathroom so someone could be lulled back to sleep.

Isn’t that the cutest bar/bathroom patron you’ve ever seen? Still. It’s yellow, blurry and as someone who has a portfolio of much better photos, it makes me cringe that I missed the mark with my cutie, especially when it looked so great when I initially reviewed it on my phone.

The HS low-light setting is amazing. I’m not sure that “wizardry” is a technical term, but that’s what it felt like as I was shooting away without any flash needed. I have a heavier DSLR camera with an external flash, and sometimes I don’t want to break out the fancy stuff for a simple bath. This was a perfect fit to capture a simple moment and not worry my equipment would be ruined. I could tell in the viewfinder that the camera was sensing my son’s face and adjusting according to the lighting, even as he splashed and squirmed despite my animal noises and repeated pleading to look at mommy, look at mommy. It was as if the camera moved with him and I didn’t need to change the settings to keep up with this bubbly kid.

This is what is stressful about my other camera setups: I either change the settings constantly as I shoot or rely on Photoshop or other post-processing filters to correct what I fumbled. I didn’t have this problem with the Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS. I could ease into getting my son to smile and not worry about the work I had to do later. It was simple to shoot, easy to upload and showcase my bright boy to the rest of the world, as is my wont as a mother.

I loved being able to recreate the moment even though he’s not that little itty bitty he was in the first shot. I won’t have the regret I have had with other shots. The Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS will give me the security of getting the shot right the first time, regardless of light or location. This is my baby now, almost 19 months old with hair and teeth and a smile that still warms my heart, no matter how tired I may be. My second son, my second shot, my full heart in this sweet face:

Have you ever had a great moment that was lost because the photo didn’t turn out? Canon is on a mission to help real people recapture these moments.

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