Mona at the Comedy Underground

Thursday night I took the stage for some funny times at one of the best places for comedy in Seattle: The Comedy Underground. It was definitely a rush to prepare four minutes of new material and then perform it in front of a room full of strangers, but I loved every second.

I was especially touched by all my friends who showed up to support me, like Ryan who I had known way back in the day in Saipan and who apparently hasn’t aged at all since our high school days. I had such a strong Saipan contingent and I could definitely hear their laughter through the crowd.

There’s nothing as rewarding like making people laugh, especially when you write jokes in a vacuum and the only audience members are your children who interrupt your punchlines to yell out that they haven’t had any grilled cheese sandwiches yet. I plan to continue this and hit the open mics around town because there are plenty and I have much, much more where this came from.


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  1. Nice job! You’re really funny! LOVE the mom jokes … although she kinda just writes them herself, eh? šŸ™‚

  2. I am so sad I am no longer in the Seattle area to see that in person! That was hilarious. You have to do this again soon!


  1. […] have been on a comedy writing frenzy, filtering everything into jokes or ideas. Since my show, I’ve been more determined to get back on stage and working on preparing the material to […]

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