on not wanting to look like a murderer

TJ and I had our passport photos taken at Costco this week to get ready for our big trip to Saipan in March. I didn’t have much time because Nathan was cranky and after having begged to be placed in the cart, was jumping up and trying to climb over and break out. This caused the woman in the photo center to say, “He needs to be sitting down! I’ve seen lots of kids crack their heads open in front of me.”

Which is exactly what I want to hear as I’m about to take a photo that’s supposed to last me 10 years.

Mike managed Nathan while I held TJ and tried to get him to stand still long enough to take his photo. Then it was my turn and I smiled, which is what I have been doing in photos since ever since, even when my mom told me my smile looked fake or when my siblings told me not to smile because I would break the lens.

I was alerted that it might not be accepted by the passport officials because I smiled and they don’t allow smiling. I just don’t want to look like a murderer, which is what happens when I don’t smile. I end up looking like a murderer–a murderer who has a lot of frequent flier miles.

So do you think they’ll reject it? Should I go back to Costco and be one of those people who are like, yes, I want to take it again–not because my hair is messy and I’m vain (because yes, that is true), but because I just want my passport and to be back home on an island where it’s warm enough to wear shorts all year long.

And this isn’t compliment-baiting, which my husband accuses me of so many times, especially when I stand in front of him and yell: “TELL ME SOMETHING YOU LIKE ABOUT ME!”

TJ had much more success with his passport photo. Even if he doesn’t look like a murderer, he gets away with it anyway.

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  1. Can’t wait to see you and TJ! He’s so cute!

    I like the smiling picture! I always look like an idiot in my ID photos. I went in to renew my license after Christmas, I have yet to pick it up, but I’m sure I look stupid.
    Deece recently posted..Food!

  2. I kind of did this weird half-smile thing in my passport ID photo. I don’t look like a murder but I think it makes me look like I’m about to tell a small child he can’t have that sucker after all.
    Sarah recently posted..Grew up.

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