Romance, according to Downton Abbey

If you aren’t watching Downton Abbey, I will still invite you into my house. We will have coffee or tea or Sunny D if you want, but you’ll have to fight my kids for it. We will talk about how crazy the snow is, what the Golden Globes were like. But then the conversation will lull and I will ask you if you have watched Downton Abbey and you will have nothing for me. Nothing! What will we do then? How will I talk to you about my excitement over the greatest love story I have seen on TV lately? Your eyes will glaze over and you will wonder when I will start living in the real world.

I love a love story and while some of the romantic storylines on Downton Abbey are boring (Matthew and Mary) or only for the sake of the war (William and Daisy), the love affair between Anna and Mr. Bates is what I need. They can’t be together because he’s married to an awful woman and he’s such a great guy, he won’t take her as a mistress.

So I made weaved together these screenshots which illustrates exactly what your significant other should say when you cast such a heavy compliment lure. TAKE NOTE, SIGNIFICANT OTHERS:

Yes that’s all it takes. Let’s light some candles and you just talk to me about my hair.

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  1. I LOVE Downton Abbey! I watched the first season when they released it on DVD. I am so so excited to see season two. I tried to get my husband to watch it with me but his eyes kinda glazed over and then he started whining…so I made him leave the room :o)

  2. I have got to get this on Netflix!
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  3. I have never seen this show, but from all the buzz, now I want to. I’ll have to rent it sometime, so I can watch it on my own.But if I lived in Seattle, don’t worry, I’d bring enough Sunny D for me and the boys. My craving for Sunny D is ridiculous right now. And there is only one store on island that can help me satisfy this craving.
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