when it snows in Seattle

My work has closed for the day. I am contemplating how much food we have left in this house before I have to trek to the neighborhood 7-11 for sundries and let’s be honest, wine. Okay, let’s be really honest, a large bottle of Corona (because I’ll be transported to a beach, right? Like in the commercials?!) Until then, TJ and I will take photos of ourselves and imagine what that biting wind feels like but not experience it because we are not brave.

In Seattle, people do not know how to drive in the snow and that’s perfectly understandable because it doesn’t snow like this often for people to understand how to navigate the roads even if there’s only 2 inches of snow on a hill:

That is what I look like driving, only instead of a mini-cooper, imagine whatever is between a derby boxcar and a Yugo.

Also for your amusement.

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