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Last night’s show was great. It was my first show at a bar and while the audience was very attentive, I knew I was competing with the vast expanse of sports tv on the wall. Still I was grateful for the laughs and for my friends Josh and Lana for showing up and filming the clip above.

I read that performing comedy is like swimming with a knife in your teeth. It’s hard. It’s competitive. There are rules and then there are no rules. There are late nights. There are very few women in this male-dominated field and even fewer of them are moms. It’s unlikely that hours before taking the stage, many of my fellow performers had to remind their children that one basic rule in the house is that we do not suffocate our brother.

I go to open mics and if I get on, even if I’m the 38th out of 40 on the list, I treat it seriously. I’m here to be better. I study how other comics hold the mic, lead into other jokes, how the audience responds to them. I’m learning to be more confident in my material, even though I don’t swear or yell or take off my shirt (not yet!). I bring what I believe is funny and I have been fortunate that some people find it funny, too.

I’m so glad to be in this water with very funny people, a machete in my teeth while I swim and swim until I hit land and it’s time for me to take the stage.

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  1. I always think your stand up that I’ve seen in video is funny! I hope I get to Seattle someday soon and can see it live!
    Sarah recently posted..Wham Bam, Who Shot Sam? My, My.

  2. Congrats! You’re doing great.
    Asianmommy recently posted..Keepsake Heart Art

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