Deece, my sister friend


I met a lot of new and awesome people while on Saipan and I finally met my best friend Deece for the first time since the sixth grade. We attended the same elementary school but I couldn’t talk to her because she was the most popular girl in the school and I was a nerd. Still am, but somehow I convinced her to be my friend and now she cannot get rid of me. She’s the type of person who will accept my calls even if the conversation is all about my imaginary meeting I want to have with someone who upset me.

“Deece,” I’ll say, “How does this agenda sound, ‘First order of business: I don’t like you!’ Second order of business: Nothing else! Meeting adjourned!'”

We reconnected over the internet when we both realized who we were (though I never forgot Saipan Community School’s Most Popular Girl, especially since she hasn’t aged at all). And since then, I’ve leaned on her for advice about motherhood or just to vent about jerk moves people pull on me.

And she listens and laughs and never judges me even when I make terrible decisions and need to confess. She was incredibly kind and saw me whenever I made an impromptu stop to her office. She even brought her family and friends to my comedy show and didn’t ask for her money back.

I was so excited to meet her and I even conned her into thinking that I wasn’t a crazy person and could be trusted to visit her home and let our kids play. And check out the view from her house:


I am so glad to have a sister friend like Deece, someone who hears that I’m on the line and doesn’t say, “Who pissed her off this time?!”


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  1. Mona, you are too kind. I would love to be half of what you say I am, and was. It was such a pleasure to spend time with you. And you were so, so funny at Naked Fish. TJ was a joy to be around. And thank you for squeezing me into your schedule. I apologize for my social awkwardness, but it just comes so naturally these days. I wish we could hang out regularly in person, but I’m so glad to have our phone calls. I am always here for you, sister.
    Deece recently posted..Easter Preparations

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