My sister Arlene visited Seattle this weekend. It was really nice to spend some time with my oldest sister especially since the weather was just gorgeous. Seattle’s normal gray clouds burned off and I was treated to the only day in 2012 so far wherein I could wear shorts, until a few hours later when it dark again and I was freezing and feeling stupid for thinking that shorts with a two inch denim inseam were appropriate for Washington. Shorts weather and family time, so fleeting.

She and I made a run to Hong Kong Market in Kent to pick up some supplies for our other Chamorro guests who were craving to chew pugua. I don’t chew, though I tried it once when I was a teenager and did not like it at all, mostly because the pepper leaf was too intense and my delicate palette at that time could not handle more than mint-flavored toothpaste.

However, chewing pugua is very common on Saipan but it’s hard to find the betel nut, pepper leaf and lime stone paste stateside unless you have an Asian store in your neighborhood. You can also buy these items from mytenda.com, run by my sister and greatest nino ever/brother-in-law Will, which is the best online source to order local goods for locals missing home.

My son and his cousin Alejandro made good use of the red velvet cupcakes. I think political debates from hereon should involve cupcake eating. It would make their discourse more entertaining to watch. You want to talk to me about your plan to revive the economy? First, put this cupcake in your mouth, whole.

Isabella went around to make sure that other little kids were clear to get into the jacuzzi. Di’s son Kaleo passed inspection.

I love this picture of the three of us, even if it’s missing our sister Bobbie. It looks like we are a family that sells car stereos. Or better yet, we look like we run a pawn store in Vegas. I’d be the one who would tell you that the stamp you dropped $1500 on is worth only $50 or that Ming Dynasty vase is made from chicken wire and gauze. I’m okay with that role.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I saw the picture of your boys with red velvet cupcakes and my first reaction was … you let them chew betel nut?
    HapaMama recently posted..The Day My Son Learned the F-word

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