I’m feeling very homesick so I ate my feelings in Japanese chips. I wasn’t alone. DMX kept me company.

It was cold and gray when we landed in Seattle, a 40 degree difference in temperature. I had so much fun on Saipan: I swam in the warm blue water while holding a beer. I ate whatever I wanted. I wore short shorts that made my mom cringe. People called me skinny.


I loved every single moment and my heart has a hole that my family and home filled.

I’m already planning my trip back. I can’t wait.


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  1. I look anorexic around here.
    Angelo recently posted..Tumon Music Festival

  2. I’m sorry Mona. I miss you sister! It was so nice to see you! I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it on Sunday. Katelyn had that high fever and a headache for four days. Four days. I’ve been feeling pretty down myself. Maybe it’s because James has been gone for a week already. Maybe it’s because our house is getting more and more disaster zone as we move further into our transition/purge. Or maybe it’s because I can hardly bend down to pull up my own panties. I think I should go buy me some of those curry chips.
    Deece recently posted..Mona is here!

  3. Sounds like a great time. It’s always great to connect with family and tradition. Now I want some Japanese chips, too.
    HapaMama recently posted..The War on Asian Women and White Men

  4. brandee says:

    I miss you too Nina Mona – the house seems so empty without Timmy running around saying “where cat?” šŸ™ we’re sending more Meiji:) Hug and kiss Timmy and Nathan for me.

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