Sip and Primp with Cascade Ice Water at Mane Blow Dry Bar

Yesterday I went to an incredible party at the Mane Blow Dry Bar located downtown Seattle. I had heard about the concept of blow outs, mostly on celebrity blogs and tv shows, but I have never tried it out. In my real life, my beauty tools are my Chi flat iron and yelling at my kids to get out of the bathroom, mommy needs to have some time alone, please.

The party was to promote Cascade Ice, a zero-calore sugar-free flavored sparkling water. Cascade Ice Water is based north of Seattle and offers 21 flavor combinations (orange mango! acai blueberry pomegranate!) for people looking for healthy alternatives to sugar and sodium laden beverages. We were served glasses of their low calorie cocktails like a margarita that was delicious and had fewer than 100 calories. If you’re like me, your margarita hand is never empty and your caloric intake looks like a phone number. It doesn’t have to be this way!

With a drink this healthy, one or three chocolate covered strawberries aren’t that bad of an option. Especially if you’re running away from your kids to keep them from eating your fancy desserts.

We were treated to some fancy hair treatment. Mane Blow Dry Bar offers variety of blowout styles, like “va va voom” which I wanted immediately. Go big (hair) or go home, I say. I wasn’t sure this was even possible because though I came in with hair that resembled Rastafarian dreads without any of the cool reggae music.

My before and after. Wowza, right? I drank a low-calorie cosmopolitan to celebrate even though someone should have opened up a bottle of champagne because WHEN DO I EVER LOOK LIKE THIS?

My stylist Christina gave me a sample style. She used a curling iron and a brush even though I’m sure if she could, she would have used some tools from Home Depot to get through my bird’s nest hair. If it looked this good as a sample, the full deal would make me look like Miss Universe, right?

It was so much fun to meet new bloggers and see friends. I saw Carrie again! The last time was at another blogger event during which I held her son Ethan in my lap for two hours and loved it because unlike other children who sit in my lap (just mine, really, I’m not Santa Claus) he sat peacefully and played Angry Birds like good children do.

Awww look at me and Shera! How this woman stays so beautiful with having a house full of boys is beyond me.

I met Jennifer who told me that couponing wasn’t as terrifying as it seemed, especially since her website lays it out for dummies like me who can’t answer simple math questions without running away so no one can see me count on my fingers.

The PR guru who put this party together was the stunning Jessica Nuñez who is not only a mom (STOP IT!) but also has an iPad with Fleetwood Mac music loaded and I wanted to yell at her, “Stop being my dream BFF!”

I spoke with Judith Winquist, who owns Mane with her daughter Kate. She was so fun and delightful and I hugged her even though I wanted to whisk her away to the nearest bar and buy her as many margaritas as she wanted.

After my hair was done, Judith opened up the lookbook of hairstyles and said, “You look like J. Lo!” And I wanted to say, “That’s the meanest thing anyone has ever said about J. Lo but the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me!” I also wanted to say, “Yeah we’re like twins, the movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito.” (And spoiler alert, I’m Danny DeVito in this nonsense analogy. Obviously.) Instead, I just blushed and tried to hold back from banging on the window at people walking by and yelling, “LOOK AT MY HAIR! LOOK! LOOK!”

I left with my thrist quenched and my hair coiffed, glowing all the way home and trying to figure out when I would be back to have my hair done. If I could, I would be writing this entry from the stylist’s chair because I would need her from here to eternity to keep this beauty dream going.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! Look at my hair friends. Look. I will have to sleep standing up from now on. I had tasty healthy drinks and a head of hair that I need to photograph to remember what it was like to look this good.

Thank you Cascade Ice Waters and Mane Blow Dry Bar for making a regular night in Seattle a Seattle Soiree!

For more information on Cascade Ice Water, visit their website.

For more information on Mane Blow Dry Bar, visit their website.

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  1. Mona- You are so amazing! It was such a delight meeting you. Your hair was amazing and makes me want to runout and get a blowout right now! Till the next soiree, sweetie!!

  2. Mona you look incredible and soooooo happy! I need that type of hair treatment lol
    Xenia recently posted..This week in Art.

  3. Yowza! Hot mama incoming!

    We need to finally get that park playdate together. I was realizing that the last one that I had to cancel on was a YEAR AGO. Sad.

  4. I can’t believe I left before seeing your hair in person- beautiful! Great to see you, as always 🙂

  5. Love the big curls on you!
    Asianmommy recently posted..The Chicago Public Library Celebrates Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

  6. I think you’re pretty even when you’re not dolled up. Why don’t those things ever happen to me? Are you going to BlogHer?
    Boni recently posted..The Perfect Smoothie

  7. You looked beautiful, Monda! And such fun meeting you – hope to meet you again at another event someday!

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