six. years. old.

My firstborn is six years old, so we celebrated his birthday at Chuck E. Cheese’s. Despite his massive eye roll in the photo above, he actually enjoyed himself. We kept it very small, just my brother’s family and us. There was cake and pizza and enough tokens to keep Nathan and his cousin busy for the afternoon.

Six years ago I was graduating from college. Nathan was a month old and we took him to my small department graduation ceremony. We were all given cards with our name as well as any accomplishments we wanted to share. Some people mentioned grad school or Honor Society status, but I added a line so when I went on stage, everyone heard the announcer say, “And she also had a baby boy four weeks ago!” I beamed and bowed for the applauding crowd. I would have held Nathan up to the sky like he was Simba in The Lion King.

He’s full of life (“I need to turn on all the lights, Mommy. I need energy”) and bravado and is everything I thought a little boy would be. I am constantly stunned and exhausted and excited to see him, especially when I hear him burst through the door, yelling, “MOMMY! I’M HERE!”

Someone at his school called him a genius so I asked him what genius means. He said, “It means you’re really smart.” He paused then added, “Do you want to be smart some day, Mommy?”

“Oh, it’s too late for me, son. It’s too late.”

Happy birthday my sweet boy.


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  1. Happy birthday, Nathan! He is completely awesome. And a genius.

  2. Happy birthday, Nathan!
    Carrie recently posted..Things that are awesome on this Monday afternoon

  3. Happy Birthday Nathan! I LOVE the eye roll. One day we shall meet.
    Deece recently posted..A slight delay

  4. Aww…love the pics! Happy Bday!
    Asianmommy recently posted..Finger Math

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