going T-Mobile with my kid

TJ was my date last night to a party at the T-Mobile store in downtown Seattle, hosted by the gorgeous Jenny on the Spot.

There were goodies and food and drinks and fun activities like throwing monkeys through a hula hoop. The T-Mobile folks talked about safety and kids and I wish I could hear more of what they were talking about but I was in the back of the store, pushing my kid around so he wouldn’t yell, “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!”

I never bring my kids with me because like last night, I end up hovering over my child to make sure he didn’t break anything expensive or lift any of the cell phone accessories because he’s starting out a life of crime. So instead of participating in all the fun, I was intercepting TJ’s hand from the fruit bowls and opening my palm to catch brownies he only bit into ONCE before saying, “I’m done.”

Everyone at the party was extremely kind to us, including the employees who gave me a demo of the HTC One S while walking after TJ or handing me a fake slide-out phone so TJ could have something to play with. Because I came unprepared! What a mom!

However, I did steal away enough time by myself to fill out a quiz about teens and their texting habits and I got enough answers right to win a HTC One S!

When they called out my name, I ran to TJ and yelled, “TJ! MAMA WON A PHONE!” Then I did a full chested shimmy and he joined in, dancing better than I was and then high-fiving me. My good luck charm, that kid, even if he EATS WITH RECKLESS ABANDON.

Jenny is hosting a sweet giveaway and you can win a phone like mine or a T-Mobile SpringBoard. Check it out.

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  1. What are you going to do with it? Craigs list? Aren’t you an iPhone gal? How do you always find out about these events, btw?

  2. Cool–congratulations!
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