Hey it’s Friday

We made it! Here are some things I’ve liked this week:

I was not prepared to like this song because I have a love-ehhh relationship with Lana Del Ray, but I really like this song. Her voice adds a perkiness that makes me bob my head and I don’t care who sees. I’m talking to you, fellow commuters on the Seattle bus I will be taking later today!

Love! Love! Love! Sometimes I think I have this blackened, jaded heart and then I see a compilation like this and I’m all, I LOVE YOU, LOVE! And you, too, stranger on the bus who caught me smiling at this on my phone. I OWN MY HAPPINESS.

And on happiness, have you seen Happy Endings? It’s one of my favorite shows and the above illustrates exactly what goes through my head.

Also, I’m on Gourmet Magazine online, where I wrote about one of my favorite places to eat in Seattle.

I really love this very classy photo of me with fellow comics, taken after the last show on Sunday. I’m doing the open mic tonight at Jai Thai (235 Broadway E). Show I think is at 9. Come see me, friend.

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  1. […] Concepcion writes kirida and is a stand up comedian. We met in Atlanta at Coca-Cola last August and reading this post of hers reminds me that Mona and I like a lot of the same things musically, comedically, and tv […]

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