Mona Concepcion at Mel’s Old Village Pub!

(warning: language!)

I had such a great time on Sunday performing at Mel’s Old Village Pub in Lynnwood. When I got there, there were about 15 big motorcycles lined up outside the bar and older guys in leather pants and chaps smoking outside. So of course I knew I would have a great set. Older dudes love me, whether they’re in in suits, leather chaps or the hospital gown that doesn’t tie in the back (LOVE THOSE!).

This one biker came up to me afterward and said, “You were the funniest one out there!” Which I’m sure he was just saying to hit on me. We talked for a little bit and I dashed any hopes of riding off into the sunset by telling him that he was too old for me. He laughed and I added, “How many times have you even been in the ICU?” Because I need a man with some medical problems! And then I thought, wow, that’s a dangerous question RAMONA, asking a tough looking biker in leather pants and a bandana who may have very well been hospitalized how many times he’s been hospitalized.

He smiled and said, “Just once.”

“Well, I’m only into guys who are there for natural causes.” Then I motioned with my hand, shooing away at the line of motorcycles, “None of this, biker stuff.”

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  1. Nice Mona!


  1. […] Though I’ve never even been on a Harley I love the look of motorcycles and especially the strange and wonderful people who ride them. I see a whole row of them outside a bar, I know I’ll have a good comedy set. Bikers are some of the nicest, most generous people I’ve been able to meet. Plus, most of them are older and YOU ALL KNOW ABOUT MY RAGING OLD MAN LOVE, RIGHT?! […]

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