Nice things this week

I was featured on BlogHer this week for my post about changing my name. I love it, both the fact that everyone (except for some lame-o) has been really positive and accepting and letting fly my freak flag like the proud Chamorrita I am.

Nathan stares at food the exact same way I do. Except his metabolism is lightning fast and mine moves exactly as I do when I walk across the street and I can tell that some dude is really waiting for me to hurry up but I will not because I AM A PEDESTRIAN, YOU JERKFACE AND I WILL WALK HOWEVER I WANT TO.

You thought that you loved Gotye? Meet this kid, who is OBSESSED with the song and calls it “song,” and I haven’t found a way to get a YouTube video to play in a loop so now I have to run to the computer and press a button so this one can stop yelling, “Song! Song! Mommy!”

He does love falling face first into cupcakes and not hiding in the shame. So he is my son.

I have had some awesome sets at open mics lately. One of the hosts called me “Mona Concentration,” and then apologized for getting it wrong. I like Mona Concentration but that name does not describe me at all. Sometimes it’s hard for me to even complete a sente

I conducted some scientific research by drinking a beer I had never tried before. I think I had a hypothesis? But I forgot it by the end. Conclusion: It’s great!

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  1. I had the some problem as you do with the Gotye song when my kid was obsessed with “Single Ladies.” So I made a playlist of nothing but the same song, over and over again. Hey, it worked.

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