What I’m listening to Wednesday

When I’m not listening to awesome Korean music, I’m also filling up my playlist with these current tunes:

Ellie Goulding – Hanging On (Featuring Tinie Tempeh)
Ellie Goulding’s voice is light and ethereal, she sings like she’s some woodland fairy smuggled in the pocket of a lumberjack until she arrived at a houseparty, but a cool one and not one where everyone’s underage and has to point to their plastic red cups and say, “IT’S JUST JUICE, OFFICER.” I really enjoyed Lights, particularly the dubstep remix. I don’t find the rap part as compelling as the rest of the song, and here’s a version without it.

David Guetta ft. Sia – Titanium

I love that the word “ricochet” is in the lyrics, it’s my favorite word. Plus, I’ve been needing an anthem to work out to, something that echoes in my ear, you can do this girl, don’t mess with that noise.


This is a great driving song, the type that I play on my way home from the comedy club, so I don’t fall asleep, I nod my head and cheer that finally some song is addressing romantic foibles because of A.D.D.

French Montana – Pop That (NOT SAFE FOR WORK–unless you work at home, without kids around)

The video and 99.9% of the lyrics are awful and smacks of the anti-feminist rap misogyny but! All of that I would go through to hear the one line from Drake says that has struck me:

We don’t dress alike, we don’t rap alike
I shine different, I rhyme different
Only thing you got is some years on me
Man f**k you and your time difference

Maybe because my 30th birthday is coming up (Soon! January! Get ready!) that I’m thinking so much about age and where I am and where I should be and where everyone else is, but I hear those words and think, well, I’m here now and I get more awesome with age. I’m funny! Your time difference can suck it.

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