Election Smarts


1. According to Nathan, Barack Obama is running against MOMNEY for President. Obama is probably the cool one who takes you out of school for a quick trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s and MOMNEY is the unfun one who doesn’t think Butterfingers is a breakfast food and often speaks in, “HEY! HEY! Don’t just drop your trash on the floor! This isn’t a barn!” Or “You are just like your father! Or who I think is your father!”

I’m okay with being Momney. My underwear is magical.

2. Nathan thinks that the election falls on something from the movie A Beautiful Mind.

3. What happens on election day? Answer: the US Flag or an apple with negative and positive ions. Science!

4. AMERICANS VOTE THINGS. It doesn’t answer where the President lives but it sums up what’s happening today.

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  1. They had a mock election in Kathryn’s kindergarten class. I asked who she voted for, and she told me “Varack Ovama.” Americans Vote Things is awesome. šŸ™‚

  2. Love it! I want Nathan and Jacob to hang out.
    Deece recently posted..One More Day

  3. Mona!

    You probably don’t remember me but we were friends for a brief blip somewhere in the early 00s when we met in a math class. AND I just saw you on the West Seattle Blog with your husband re: his book AND then I googled you AND then I found your blog AND THEN YOU REFERENCED THE MOVIE “A BEAUTIFUL MIND” which we totally saw together with your free press passes.

    Just FYI. And your kids are adorbs!

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