The NKOTB tour makes me feel so many feelings

New Kids on the Block is going on a tour called “THE PACKAGE” and the sale for their Tacoma concert begins this morning. For $1,000.00 you can go backstage and one of them might look at you up and down and say, “Yeah, not bad for two kids.” But I’m not buying tickets or even this outrageous package (even with a COUPON for NKOTB merch) because I can watch YouTube while TJ sits on my lap, moving from side to side in a game he calls, “I CAN’T SEE!”

I listened to a lot of boy band music in high school, but I was pretty meh about Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees. They didn’t do it for me. Oh my musical tastes! They haven’t improved much. Ask me how many Taylor Swift songs I have. LOTS, my friend.

This morning I fell into a wormhole of music I used to listen to in high school. Don’t judge me for my music, judge me for wearing fake snakeskin pants and dark lipliner with no lipstick because I wanted to look like a real life coloring book. From the skank store.

“I’m the sixth member of Five!” is a joke I used to say.

Oh white boys. You can wear tight shirts and baggy pants and grind around me any day.

Ahhh romance! This totally heterosexual sounding group BOYZONE was on most of mix cd’s. Lots of singing in front of mirrors! How else can you express your feelings unless you watch your reflection!

Let’s run through the streets of Paris! They didn’t have cell phones or enough francs to make a payphone call and find a meeting spot like any french landmark!

Who played this while making out to her boyfriend in a late model Mazda that may or may not have had functioning brakes? (Me!)

Happy Friday, you body rocking knocking the boots beautiful people!

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  1. Annnnnnd….just like that I went down the rabbit hole of my high school years of AWESOME, singing these songs loudly as though I had a damn clue.

    God I was so cool.

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