Some stories about my sister


My sister Bobbie is my best friend. I talk to her every single day. Because of the time difference, she is usually waking up when I’m eating lunch so we always talk which means she talks to me while I press mute so she doesn’t get mad that I’m eating Doritos in her ear. No one wants to hear my lunch in THX sound.

-My sister has this story about when we were kids and sleeping in the same room. She woke up because a bright light appeared and she thought it was a UFO so she ran to our parents’ room to which I said, “So….you just left me there…WITH THE ALIENS?!”

-Sometimes I’ll tell Bobbie something and then when I’m done she immediately starts talking about herself and every time she does that, I yell, “Enough about me! Back to you in the studio, Bobb!!!”

-We were at Duty-Free in Saipan, the fancy mall on island. I picked a pair of Calvin Klein underwear and she said, “I can’t believe you just bought twenty-five dollar panties, Ramona.” To this day whenever I buy something ridiculous (and I have bought some ridiculous undies since then) I can hear her voice, wishing I had spent the money on something more practical like a gift for her favorite sister named Bobbie.

I love you Bobbie! Happy birthday!


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  1. Happy 32nd Birthday Bobbie!
    Deece recently posted..Contrasts

  2. I loved every single one of these stories. Also, you’re both adorable.

  3. Happy birthday, Bobbie!!! How nice it is to have a sister like her!! I can write the exact same thing. I have a sister just like yours :).

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