when you think you’ve lost all your data

So a couple of months ago, my iMac hard drive died and I lost everything that was not saved to my external drive which was sad for me, but not a complete mourning because I saved a lot to that drive and published a lot to this blog, facebook and instagram. My brother skillfully gave my computer life again and an even bigger hard drive, but did not erase the memories of licking nine-volt batteries or the countless boyfriends (one, I can’t count) who were driven away because he would answer the phone and threaten before handing it over to me.

But then my external drive stopped speaking to my computer and I spiraled into a panic because of all the precious files I had saved there, in one place, stupidly. It had everything: wedding photos, professional photos, all my comedy videos, my papers from college, and many, many baby pics. Luckily, it was repaired and all 720 gigs were saved to another hard drive and returned to mama’s hands. And here are a few of the thousands of photos, movies, etc. that kept me in a data rabbit hole.

Nathan and Trenton Tuiasosopo who thankfully did not fumble our baby.

My favorite purchase from Disneyland. I read about the Disneyland Silhouette Studio and I knew I had to go there.

Nathan jacking a horse’s carrot.

I am on the right.

Nathan, who is so much like TJ, who is so much like Nathan, who are both so much like their father. Full-mouth boys ready to scream their entrance into whatever space is lucky enough to have them.

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  1. I’m so glad you were able to recover your files! I’m so paranoid about this happening now that Aiden is here, so I’m about to start saving my files to a 3rd device. Lord help me if there’s a fire.

  2. This is why I have over 10,000 pictures on Flickr. šŸ˜›

    The one w/ Nathan and the FB Player is AWESOME. šŸ˜€

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