A day at Remlinger Farms


It’s hard to find activities for both a seven-year-old and a three-year-old to enjoy. It’s a long time before they’re both old enough to master Texas Hold ‘Em so mommy can quit her job and just drive around two boys to casinos all day. I had purchased some tickets to Remlinger Farms from Groupon. I love these flash sale sites, especially for kid activities. I’ve purchased bowling admission, barbecue dinners, all day passes to Gameworks, etc. which makes it easy to schedule something for my kids to do other than punch each other’s butt, something I’ve had to put a stop to by yelling many times: “We’re not punching each other’s butts!”


It was a sweet day on a small amusement park, a farm about an hour away which was where I once jumped over fire and took an icy post-run group shower. There was a hay maze and a small roller coaster and animals to pet and feed. We tackled most of the rides before Mike and I caged our boys in a ferris wheel and put our brilliant plan into action.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Ah! This is one of the things I SWEAR I was going to do before school and now I’m not sure if its going to happen. Must do All The Thingz before school starts (all this week, ha!). Glad your guys had fun!!!

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