perfect pairings with Simple & Crisp

I’ve been trying to eat better so when Simple & Crisp offered to send out a sample of their pear, apple and orange gluten-free dried fruit crisps, I was on board. And hungry!

The crisps came in bright colored packages and on the back there are some suggestions as to what to pair these with: cheese, ice cream, chocolate–pretty much everything I eat anyway. I love the idea that these fruit crisps can replace some of the heavier, unhealthy vehicles I use to shovel dips and toppings into my gaping mouth. I’m a big lover of chips and crackers and sometimes I pretend to open a bag in the store to keep my kids satiated (read: too busy chewing to cry out for anything) but really I know I’ll be lucky if I get a bite. Spoiler: I don’t!

I was curious by these organic, gluten-free offerings, especially since they were so pretty.

I decided to fancy things up on Sunday because it was a big night. We were ending a perfect, sun-soaked weekend and beginning the many Sundays that will be scheduled based on Breaking Bad episodes, so I pulled out our gorgeous slate fruit and cheese plate which I had picked up thinking, I’ll totally use this for parties. And then we had so few parties that this tray was sent to the dark regions of the kitchen cabinets. But look at it now!

I laid out some grapes and cheeses then spread out the pear, orange and apple crisps and it was the best kind of experiment because it involved me and food. The orange crisps tasted like candy on their own. I loved the pear and apple crisps with a healthy topping of brie cheese. I thought that some of the flavors wouldn’t work with hummus, which I also had, but they all tasted wonderfully together. You can pair any of these crisps with wine, but my palette is only high-brow enough to enjoy it with my favorite summer drink. It was good, my friends.

I can definitely see bringing this to a party or a play date when you’re not sure if there are any allergies or dietary restrictions. There aren’t a ton of additives or long lists of ingredients, the only ingredient for the pear dried crisps are: PEARS. This will really help me when some people who have these restrictions might follow-up with additional questions like, “You said these are gluten-free, but is it wheat-free?” and then I have to remember, that sounds like a science question and my brain is so small, but all I would have to say is, “It’s just pears. Do pears contain wheat?” BOOM! DELICIOUS DEBATES!

While these packages aren’t as cheap as those mega bags of chips my kids love, Simple & Crisp dried fruit crisps provide a healthy and uplifting addition (and fatty chip alternative) to any party platter or plate for one.

You can pick up Simple & Crisp at various Washington and Oregon Whole Foods locations and for more locations and to buy online, check out the the Simple & Crisp website.

I received three organic and gluten-free offerings from Simple & Crisp in exchange for my review. My opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Whaaaat?! I’ve never seen orange crisps before!

  2. Yumm! and healthy too. I loved dried fruit when I am craving sweet and the packaging looks so fancy. Hope your having a wonderful week Mona 🙂

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