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1. I have to spend a lot of money this weekend on back to school supplies, clothes, etc. and best believe I will be lining the cart with items for me. I’m really lucky Nathan isn’t picky about his clothes. I showed him the shoes I bought for him online and he said, “Oh those are cool!” And then I could have bought him ALL OF THE SHOES for that kind of answer. Maybe someday he’ll be asking for only Nike or only Polo but right now he’s okay with whatever I buy and I’m so thankful for that.

2. The kids have been watching YouTube and I’m uncomfortable with what they eventually click on. I’ll hear a swear word or just talk that I don’t want them exposed to, even Sonic the Hedgehog demos aren’t safe. Ugh! thanks for ruining my dreams of absentee parenting, Internet. So instead of installing fancy software, I just turned Airport off so there’s no Internet on my computer. It means I can’t really use it when they’re around, but now when they complain it’s not working, I say, “Well, you’ll have to find something else to do.”

3. There’s a back to school BBQ at Nathan’s school so we’ll meet his teacher and find out where his class is. Every year it’s busy and Nathan and TJ run off and I have to find them while Mike makes all the moms laugh and I return all sweaty and messy-haired while my husband the prom king wins for having two wonderful boys while I get nothing but: “Your husband is so funny! Oh, what was your name?”

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  1. mike hickey says:

    Yeah, it’s true, the school moms love me. And you know who loves my darling wife? All the shoppers at Target who say to me, “She is so beautiful. Is she your daughter or grandaughter?” šŸ™‚

  2. That is hilarious Mike! Mona, you guys are perfect for each other! šŸ™‚
    Sonya recently posted..Forty is Fab With Four to Go

  3. I never thought about doing airplane mode that is a good idea! We have a rule no tv during the day- at dinner time it can go on. I know my daughter is only 1 but I don’t want her to be addicted like me šŸ™‚

  4. I was just thinking that same thing about shoes with Bowie. Right now he really doesn’t care what pair I get on super sale, as long as they’ve got some red on them. I will long for these days when he’s a teenager.
    Very Bloggy Beth recently posted..Kindergarten

  5. I agree, we have a rule that my daughter isn’t allowed to watch Youtube by herself. Too often she’s clicked on something she recognizes (star wars, minecraft, barbie!) and it’s some kind of demo with a geek talking about it and he’s swearing every other word… It’s like… um, no.
    Margarita recently posted..The Zero Waste Home

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