water, water some places

We spent a couple of hours at my friend Summer’s house because she has this rare combination of being an incredibly awesome person and also owning a pool! In Seattle! Many houses do not have pools or air-conditioning because it’s too cold most of the year for either of those luxuries. Plus, many people who do own these rare gems are also big blights on society who would never let a big sweaty woman from Saipan and her two feral children swim in their pristine waters. But Summer did because she’s awesome!

Nathan’s only half-Chamorro but he has a better tan than I do or have ever had ever. Some kids get all the luck.

Nathan’s been swimming since he was two months old, the minute we got the all clear from the doctor. TJ hasn’t been swimming as much, but every time they get into the water, it brings out the strongest, best, lovable parts of their personalities. TJ laughs hard. Nathan tries to defy gravity.

I spent my childhood swimming in the gorgeous Saipan waters. I would come home with my shoulders browned except for the white stripe where my strap was. I wish my kids could have memories like that, of white sandy beaches and flinging the smooth, black sea cucumbers called babalati at each other’s backs. Babalati fights were a thing.

My kids have been playing in the sun and swimming in lakes and pools. Even though we’re not on the tropical island paradise I grew up on, I hope these boys remember this as a really rad summer.

I don’t have any photos of me and Summer but here’s a pretty good depiction. I’m in the background, the only place I could fit. I was the background. Sorry about that leash, Summer. it was really excessive.

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  1. What, a pool in Seattle? You are right about that being rare. Glad your friend shares. Looks like a fun time was had by all.

  2. Haha! You’re so crazy. You do not look like Jabba The Hut. Did I get that right? I’ve never seen Star Wars. (I know!)

    Her pool looks amazing! It’s pretty much one of my very few life goals- having a pool.

    Swimming in the ocean is one of my greatest childhood memories. And it continues to be one of my favorite things EVAR. I also hope Aiden has the same fondness!
    Steph recently posted..Recipe: Cucumber Salsa

  3. dying over that last pic! And if you find yourself in tacoma on a hot day…you’re welcome to our pool! šŸ™‚
    Ruthy T. (@DiscoveryStreet) recently posted..Little Man Baby Shower


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