What does this mean?

The other day I was commuting to work along with the other members of my carpool when our carpool driver accidentally cut someone off. Traffic was slow so nothing happened but the guy who was cut off sped around us, opened his tinted sunroof and then stuck his bony middle finger out and waved it at us.

I thought, okay, dude. Way to express all your rage of being mildly inconvenienced through one finger. He lowered his hand and then after a few seconds raised it again and made this gesture:



I know what the middle finger means. When I was in the first grade and living in Oregon, our class took a field trip to the Portland Zoo and as we filed out of the bus, I saw another girl in the bus next to us and I did the natural thing: I stuck my tongue at her. Then she flipped me off and that shock that I had at how someone totally brought it to the next level returned and washed over me in that carpool.

Was he saying, “You’re a complete zero!” Which is extreme if his first statement was to flip us off.

Was he saying, “I hope your vagina is this wide like you’re in the really painful stages of labor and you’re dilated but not fully dilated and you’re wondering why your baby isn’t coming out!” Which is such a mean thing to say!

Or is he saying: you’re an asshole. You made me scared for a second and this is how I want to show you how I feel. Grrrrr.

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  1. I’ve never seen that used before, but somehow, I feel like it means you’re a jerkoff. Or something like that. I dunno, could be the angle of your picture šŸ˜‰
    Steph recently posted..7 Months

  2. I have no idea, though Im betting you probably don’t want to know. lol

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