Youth, you’re not so bad

After an event last night, I was stumbling back to my office, struggling to carry a huge box in both arms while two heavy bags weighing down my shoulders, my muscles were burning and I kept thinking, I can’t drop this. I had important, breakable items in the box, expensive items hanging from my body. Then I heard someone across the way yell, “DO YOU NEED HELP!?” And without much hesitation, I yelled back, “YES!” and this young student ran a long way to reach me and help me carry my things. He was a junior, studying business and social work and was on his way to the library, but didn’t mind stopping to help. I see so many students who don’t even leave the door open for the person who right behind them or stay on their phones and waddle into a the crosswalk, and many who saw me schlepping too many things but didn’t say one word. I want my kids to be like that young man last night who helped out a woman like me, someone with no upper body strength but unlimited gratitude for people who lend a hand.

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  1. Someone was raised well!
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  2. I love hearing stories like this. And then I feel bad, because I love hearing stories like this… which means they don’t happen often enough and I need my faith in humanity restored by a story like this. Does that make sense? šŸ™‚

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