Super Mario cousins


Last night my brother came over along with my nephew and surprised me and the boys. Nathan and TJ were mildly excited, as the photo indicates.

Ever since my brother moved to San Diego this summer, it’s been a sad time in our house. I miss my brother and his family and I really miss what my boys aren’t getting: time with their cousins. There were so many holidays and weekends and evenings when they would just run around with each other, chase each other, or just yell and laugh until I had to tell them to keep it down.

We skyped with the kids last night and Nathan asked Alejandro, “Is it dark in your world?” Like he hadn’t moved to another city in the same time zone but rather world 8 in Super Mario Brothers 3 right before you go fight King Koopa and dodge fireballs and swinging steel spikes. I don’t think San Diego is ever that dark.

The kids yelled hi at each other. TJ flashed his Nintendo DS at the screen, Nathan and his cousin talked about Adventure Time and had a real conversation about Jake the Dog. And I loved it but it made me sad that my family lives so far away and that they’re not just a twenty-minute drive, a few steps up and a door opening to a few hours of cousins tumbling and cheering and crying the moment I say it’s time to go home.

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