What has made me cry: Super Bowl edition

This week has shown me that maybe I don’t have a blackened heart, charred from years of eye-rolling and going, “Pa-shaaaaa! Whatever!” I’ve watched the following Super Bowl commercials and videos that have made me yell in disbelief: “WHY IS THERE WATER IN MY EYES?”

I don’t know if I want a Budweiser! Or a puppy! Or more Budweiser to drink away the fact that my house can’t handle a puppy.

The son who gave his mom Superbowl tickets. Oh man, her tears. I wonder if my kids watch this enough, it’ll plant a seed in their growing brains and they’ll do the same thing in the future. I really want to see Lady Gaga’s future West Coast casino and tour because I can never go to the concerts, I’ll have to wait until she’s headlining in the ballroom next to the Keno players and women who look up from the poker machines long enough to ask, “What do I have to do around here to get a cocktail?! Morty!?!”

The family who uses cheerios to announce to their daughter that she will be having a brother. I know I’m supposed to understand that this is an interracial family but that’s not the part that knifes through my heart (also because, hey! I have an interracial family!) They’re having a baby, you guys!

It’s not all sappy tears, comedian Craig Gass put on this hilarious video of his quick interviews of Seahawks players during Media Day. Tears of joy, folks!

And finally, another Seahawks related video. What happens when Fox Sports challenges members from the Seattle Youth Football League to watch the NFC Championship and all they have to do to receive five thousand dollars is remain silent the whole time.

Also these two stories of kids who get to go to the Super Bowl: Thanks Pete Carroll! Thanks Derrick Coleman!

Go Hawks!

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