snow day in seattle


It snowed long enough for my boys to open the window and yell like the Lion King chorus: “IT’S SNOOOOOWING!” It doesn’t snow every year which is fine by me. The last snowstorm that hit us left me on a bus for six hours so when Mike announced that we would be driving, in this snow, to somewhere we could put the boys on plastic saucers and send them down a hill, I thought, “Why can’t we just enjoy it from this window? Why do we have to go in it?” But the boys were excited which means all my feelings are negated by those faces, so eager to jump into what so rarely falls in this city and despite all my gripes and whines, (mostly because I have to dress the boys in layers, then layers on top of that and then find the gloves and hats they never use and never put back in the right place all while Mike gets the plastic saucers and says, “I’ll just go warm up the car!”) we went anyway.






This morning the rain came and melted away the snow, leaving everything in cold slushy puddles. So I’m glad we had a snow day and my boys–all three of them–had a good time.

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  1. I have always found the best way to look at snow is through the closed window. Brrrrr…..
    Mrs. Tuna recently posted..Snow-mageddon

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