A day with the most popular girl in junior high

We had a lovely afternoon in a park with my friend and most popular girl at Saipan Community School, Deece. She hasn’t aged at all, but her hair is much longer. I remember how much I envied her Doc Martens and Jansport mini-backpack. She danced hula and all the boys liked her and because we were in different grades, and I was too busy being a nerd, we never talked. But somehow in our adult years, I tricked her into being my friend and forced her and her children to a park where we were the only Pacific Islanders for miles around.


Our kids chased each other until they were red-faced and sweaty. I’m sure Nathan could have run hours longer. There is something about the game of chase that brings kids together. It is an instantaneous meeting and roles of predator vs. prey are assigned by am echoing yell: “YOU’RE IT!”


And there were quieter moments when they rested their dirty bare feet in the grass so they could configure traps for creatures smaller than the tips of their fingers.


I’m always amazed at how well-behaved other kids are. Deece’s children were lovely and lively and never fought with each other over who got to do something first, a civil case that has been tried many times in my living room court. I’m still prosecuting both of my boys in Mom vs. Children, et al in the case of “WHY IS THE FRIDGE OPEN AGAIN?!”


Also, my dear friend made me a banana cream pie! If I could go back in time, to the days when I was feeling like a young dork (the beginning!), I would tell Young Mona not to worry because Deece would be in her/our life later, and with desserts! Then I would also tell her about this crazy thing called Facebook where she/I could spend hours just judging how fat people have become, wonder how other finance their fancy lives and set up playdates with Deece, her/my/our sweet, sweet friend.

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