And now we are eight


Today is Nathan’s birthday so we brought cupcakes, juice and Angry Birds giveaways to his class. I learned that a classroom of eight-year-olds will quickly turn the innocent cheap goodie bag toys into weapons or currency so valuable you’d think this was prison.


There has been so much celebration, you’d think he was going to be the next Pope. If only the Vatican considered noxious farts a miracle, we could finally have a saint in this family.


We made our yearly birthday trek to Rainforest Cafe where we sat next to the waterfall and a seemingly nondescript statue which in this photo totally looks heavy on the wang. I don’t know filter on my phone will bring out that there’s some kind of towel draped over the dude and not just a wang angled to the left.


Atlas Shrugged. Nathan farted. He’s waiting for his statue.


My mom and TJ stared at some fish. I’m sure my mom saw the beauty in the fish tank, how these creatures swirl and turn and swoosh and thought better before announcing, “Can we eat them?!”


In the fourth grade, I was really into saving the rainforest, partly because I was a nerd but mostly because I was inappropriately obsessed with the movie The Forbidden Dance. That movie was it for me. I wanted to do the lambada all the time and look that sexy while saving the world. That never happens because I am a sweaty mess all the time and the only thing I save is the popcorn from burning in the microwave. The Forbidden Snack!


We had a wild time, with another birthday already in the works for next year even if some of us hate getting older and it shows.

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  1. Happy birthday Nathan! It looks like a fun time šŸ™‚
    Sarah recently posted..Shot of Joy

  2. Janet S says:

    Wait…what? Your mom’s in town? You’ve been holding out on us.

  3. Fun times for the birthday boy!

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