Celebrate Mother’s Day with Women’s World Health Initiative


My longtime online friend Gina works with this great organization and asked me to share a very wonderful project. This organization lets you pay tribute to your mother while also honoring women across the globe.

Instead of the usual flowers and candy this Mother’s Day, give a gift that truly honors not only your mother, but mothers and women across the globe. Women’s World Health Initiative (WWHI), an organization focused on reducing maternal and infant mortality in developing countries, is making it easy for consumers to give their moms a more meaningful gift this year.

By going to wwhi.org, you can select a tribute card and make a donation in your mother’s honor. Cards will arrive just in time for Mother’s Day. Donations given through the initiative will be used to support healthcare programs in Senegal, West Africa, which will give mothers the ultimate gift: a healthy pregnancy and a chance to watch their children grow.

According to the National Retail Federation, some $14 billion will be spent in the United States for Mother’s Day. That includes $2.9 billion in meals, $2.5 billion in jewelry and $1.9 billion in flowers. To put that sum in context, it’s enough to pay for a primary school education for all 60 million girls around the world who aren’t attending school. There would be enough money left over for programs to reduce deaths in childbirth by about three-quarters, saving perhaps 260,000 women’s lives a year.

WWHI’s Mother’s Day cards put the holiday in perspective by honoring not only one mother, but the influence all mothers have around the globe. “When people honor their mothers in this way, it’s a heartwarming and beautiful to also honor and give specific help to women who suffering,” says Dana Allison, founder and executive director of WWHI.

For more information, visit wwhi.org.

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