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Gahh this week.

-I backed up into a car in my GODDAMN NEW TO US CAR. A sweet, beautiful 2012 Nissan Altima. No damage to other car, but there are three small holes where the other car’s license plate screws were, so I did the natural thing and walked into the house crying like a weeping woman. And my husband was upset, but it wore off to understandable disappointment and now I can’t win any argument from now until forever because, hey, who backed up into a car? MONA.

-My husband’s wallet was stolen and someone quickly made use of all the cards and spent $547 at Walmart. He closed the accounts and the credit union was very kind in helping with the fraud alerts, new accounts, etc. But it sucks, too. WAL-MART? Of all the places, so stereotypically awful, though I’m sure good people shop there and work there and assface thieves who steal teacher’s wallets also go there to buy whatever you can get for $500+ (I’m sure tons! Like lotion? Human souls?).

When I was pregnant with Nathan, someone stole my credit card number and used it for a membership to a drink mixology website. I had to go through all these hoops to say, no, this was not my charge, I’m having a baby and I haven’t had a drink.

Don’t be so obvious, thieves. Go somewhere nice where they have things like free range chicken and little cupcakes with candied lemon tops and where people say things like, “Oh I heard that on NPR.” Our bank won’t know if it’s a thief, or us trying to be fancy!

-I’m going to be in San Diego this weekend for Pacific Island Comedy Night at Tio Chino! There are still tickets and I would love to see you there.


-I’m going to the Jay-Z/Beyonce concert! I think I’ll be behind a pillar, but at least I can hear it! And maybe Shazam the songs I don’t know and no one will know I’m doing it.

I hope your week has been going well and has been much less expensive than mine.

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  1. I’m sorry you backed up into another car and damaged your new car!! I have tons of horror stories where I’ve done that as well (or just crashing my car in general – no damage to me, but plenty of damage done to all cars affected) and which is why I don’t drive anymore. Seriously! I haven’t driven in like… 2 years I think! There are some down sides to that obviously, like no one could ever go out drinking with me because they know if they got drunk and I got drunk, we’d be calling a taxi instead of attempting the drive haha.

    Glad you weren’t hurt though! šŸ™‚
    Luann recently posted..addictinginfo:

    THIS. All of this.

  2. Funny, when our credit card #’s were stolen a while back, they also shopped at Walmart too. Maybe it was the same guys. They also shopped at Mandalay Bay Casino in LV. Citibank was pretty sure that wasn’t us. šŸ˜›

  3. Looking forward to your first East Coast gig.
    Angelo recently posted..Justice For Emie

  4. Don’t worry, babe, you’ll be back to winning arguments in no time… Love you!
    mike hickey recently posted..highs and lows

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