In which I invent a drink

I’m not a whiskey gal, even though for years I thought I was. I only ordered jack and cokes because it was easy to say and every bar will have whiskey, even the fancy ones.

When I first went to bars, they were the dark, seedy ones with toilet stall doors that someone had punched the lock out so I would pee so fast before anyone could look in into that awful window. The patrons were mostly vets who had a lot to say about their time in Vietnam. They had the names of cities where they were shot engraved on the backs of watches. The drinks were cheap and there was always a story.

It was a different time, before kids but not too much before then, when I drank jack and cokes and stayed in bars I couldn’t pee in today. Because now I am Old Lady Mo, who cannot function past 8 PM and needs drinks with a bucket of sugar. So here’s my drink!


The Mona-licious

Malibu rum + Williams Sonoma Mango Passion Fruit Margarita Mix + Bud Light Raz-berrita.

I know. You shouldn’t use margarita mix without tequila and anything Bud Light and Williams-Sonoma but it looks like a Mai Tai and tastes DELICIOUS! The Raz-berrita–which is not my favorite way to spell raspberry but I will let slide–curbs the sweetness of the rum and mix. And it’s good!

Enjoy my friends! Of mixed levels of cheap beer tolerance!

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  1. You lost me at Bud Light.
    daniel recently posted..Music Monday: 2014 FIFA World Cup – “We Are One”

  2. That sounds good. I don’t know when I’ll have a chance to try it as Vahid is a beer snob and Bud Light will never make it into our home but it looks like it’d taste really good!
    Sarah recently posted..Working Girl

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