my experience with the rice cooker pancake cake

The internet has this way of convincing me that I can do anything, like make a pancake cake in my Japanese rice cooker. I saw this simple instruction and thought, I can do that! I have a Japanese rice cooker, which my mom hates but somehow forgot she’s the one who bought it for me!

After assembling the ingredients and thinking, oh I can be fancy and add dried craisins and crushed pineapple, I mixed it in the rice cooker metal bowl and turned it on. Like Iggy Azaela in the kitchen! If she had just received a lobotomy and sang, “I’m so fan… what’s going on here?”


The first problem was that the rice cooker’s lever would flip up into the “warm” setting, meaning it was done. But it was still a battery mess inside so I rigged it to stay on. Then it started steaming. And shortly after I could smell the burning, something the recipe didn’t tell me would happen.

I looked inside and could tell it was already done so I turned it over onto a large cutting board and ta-da!


Totally nailed this! Great job, Mona on proving that you are a high-functioning adult who can do things in a rice cooker. The easiest of the cooking appliances. I could have used the 45 minutes to make this and done something else, like make a vision board with Oprah magazine cut outs that read: “Live your best life! Unless you decide to bake something!”

Once I posted this to facebook, the response was tremendous and one of my favorite comics and people in this world, Jeffrey Robert, said: “It looks just like the photograph! Except, not the photograph of the rice cooker pancake.” But it made me think, I might have failed at a pancake cake, but totally succeeded in this:


Presenting the Game of Thrones cake. All you need is a rice cooker and very skewed sense of your cooking abilities and you can go anywhere in the seven kingdoms!

Have you tried cooking something other than rice in your rice cooker? What am I doing wrong? Please don’t mention, “Well, how much time do you have, Mona? I have a long list.” I’m already way ahead of you, friend.

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  1. Same thing happened to me less than two hours ago– I borrowed a co-worker’s rice cooker to make a pancake cake for our office. first attempt the switch kept going to WARM, so then I propped a stapler to hold it down to COOK. After 40 minutes on WARM, then 15ish on COOK, it was smelling pretty awful. So I dumped it and regrouped. Second go, I would have the stapler rigged from the beginning! And guess what– it burned it in HALF the time!! šŸ™ I’m out of mix so no more office pancake. And the fire alarm went off and thousands of people had to evacuate into our parking lot. But the reassured me it was something in another part of the building, but boy did the timing scare me! Maybe it’s meant to cook on the WARM setting? Good luck!

  2. You have to use a japanese rice cooker that has a lock in lid to provide pressure. A glass lid isnt going to do. For example something like this

    Hope this helps and dont give up šŸ˜€

    • Good point! It’s so ironic because my mom was the one who got rid of my small, locked lid Korean one, bought me this rice cooker and now she hates it! I’ll have to try again.

    • I have the locking lid type of rice cooker, with the cook/warm option, and it didn’t work for me either. The batter cooked all the way through, but it was a dense, 1″ pancake, not a giant, fluffy thing. My friend tried to make a rice cooker pancake a couple days ago and it also didn’t work, and his batter didn’t cook at all. šŸ™ I may have to try again, or believe this is a hoax created by the makers of rice cookers to increase sales.
      Jessica recently posted..Take Me Out to the Baaaaall Gaaaaame!

      • You may be onto something Jessica! In light of all the grain-free/rice-free/carb-free diets, this is a ploy to get me to buy another rice cooker.

  3. I use my Zojirushi Fuzzy Logic rice cooker to make “pancakes” from a blueberry pancake mix which seems to have overtaken my pantry despite the fact that I don’t usually make pancakes. The pancake is more like a cake (it was about 5″ tall), but the consistency is nice and it’s absolutely delicious with warmed syrup. So, it does work but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a micom/fuzzy logic rice cooker.

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