Review: Glop & Glam now at Gene Juarez

A house full of boys is dirty, sweaty territory.

They come home with their shirts stained, pants sporting new rips and tears and their hair a sponge of sweat and grit as if my sons decided they wouldn’t wipe their foreheads, they would just let their hair absorb it all.  It’s that gross.  So when I was offered a chance to check out two new products from Glop & Glam, a line of natural haircare products for kids, now available at Gene Juarez, I wanted to give it a try.

I like the bottle’s design a lot.  When you’re a parent, your home becomes inundated with cartoon-everything.  It was nice to have another product that didn’t look like I picked it up from the set of Cartoon Network.  The Blueberry Blast Shampoo had a strong blueberry scent to it, but it wasn’t the kind of chemical fruit smell that other shampoos have like my kids rolled around in a pit of car air fresheners.  It didn’t take much product to work through my kid’s massively thick hair and clean out the gunk that comes with being an eight-year-old boy.

After rinsing his hair, I spritzed in the Creamsicle Mist Moisturizing Detangler.   It has a sweet but not cloying scent which worked really well with the blueberry shampoo.  The best part is that it contains ingredients that help prevent lice naturally.  LICE PREVENTION! We have gone through multiple bouts of lice with both boys and each time we’ve had to shave off their beautiful locks, as well as frantically wash sheets & clothes and burn sage and shake our fists at the air while yelling, “THIS AGAIN?!  Plus, I didn’t have to worry about having to comb his hair later and fighting him with a comb because he’s okay with going to school with bedhead so bad it looks like he slept in a barn.  Yes for detangling.

Glop definitely is a sound in our house and I was excited to welcome much needed glam.  Plus, the products I tried are just two of the Glop & Glam line that are free of parabens and gross chemicals that are in almost every bathroom product for children.  When you’re bringing your kids (or even yourself!) to Gene Juarez, be sure to ask about the new Glop & Glam hair care products available.  Also fun: read about how Nathan got his first fancy haircut at Gene Juarez and was treated like a king!
I received the Glop & Glam products in exchange for a review.  All opinions 100% my own. 
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