my eyebrows: a history


I’ve had a life long battle with my eyebrows. I started shaping them when I was in the seventh grade, before I knew what I was doing and wanted to hack at my body hair so the girls in my class would stop calling me a werewolf. A werewolf! (And where are you now, werewolf-shamers? Reaching high levels on Candy Crush?! If so, can you tell me what I’m doing wrong because I haven’t passed level 200.)

My eyebrows are naturally large and thick and look like roof moss or some genetic condition where my hairline tried to take over my face but mercifully stopped so I could see. I’ve never known what to do with them other than wish for an eyebrow transplant.

This year, I went to Sephora and threw a lot of money at the problem and came away with these items from Anastasia; dipbrow pomade, brow whiz, and the duo powder, plus the fancy spoolie brush.


I’m growing out my eyebrows so they look fuller and not so thin like I’m trying to get into a girl fight after school. I’ll see you when the bell rings! Oh you’re going to get it! (My tears all over your shirt because I don’t want to fight!)


See! I finally have two!


Looking down like I’m sizing up a plate of food.


Look! Food over there!



What are you doing for your brows?

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  1. Oh my eyebrows and I have a long and storied history. I am currently trying to grow them out all nice and thick like Brook Shields. It’s not working well.
    Home Sweet Sarah recently posted..Christmas menu

  2. My eyebrows are blonde, the don’t show up at all unless they are colored in blonde. It’s frustrating. I recently bought an Anastasia brow pencil and like it, although it sucks a little because I have one eyebrow that has a great arch and one that is flat and actually lower than my other eyebrow. I always feel like I look a bit like I’m doing that eyebrow cocking thing at you. Sigh.

    I love your brows though, I think they look so good on you!
    Sarah recently posted..It’s a New Year

    • That’s me! I can raise my left eyebrow and maybe that has just shaped the way my eyebrow has been. I’m trying to grow them out so the anastasia brow powder has helped the most with shaping them. You can also ask the sephora people to do an express brow makeover! It’s free and like 15 minutes.

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