Sharing the Cheer with Whole Foods


Last night I enjoyed some high level fanciness: learning how to pair oysters and wine. I joined some other bloggers at the Whole Foods Interbay and was treated to super fun and informative night of matching these delicious shellfish as a different way to share the cheer.


We all had placemats with each oyster and wine elegantly described.


Sean shucked our oysters and shared tips.  It’s best to use a shucking knife instead of screwdriver which is good to know since I probably would have used an old pair of scissors.  Also a thick gardening glove helps to protect yourself.  It’s not about force, it’s about technique.  It was really impressive to watch him work through each oyster and deliver this goodness onto a bed of ice.

He was extremely nice and talked about his family’s history of oyster farming.  He also didn’t ask that I be kicked out immediately when I blurted, “So would you say…the world is your oyster?”

Whole Foods will shuck your oysters for you!  You have to tell the seafood staff how much you want shucked and it’ll take a few minutes, but it’ll be prepared in the same delicate way.  It’s best to serve it about 2-3 hours after they’ve been shucked.  Also neat to know: the smaller the oyster is, the sweeter it’ll be.  The larger oysters are great for BBQs.  And pearls only show up in old oysters you wouldn’t want to eat.


We started out with the kumamoto oyster and the Louis Latour Duet Chardonnay-Viognier.  It was called a great stater oyster and I agreed.


Way to keep it classy, Mo!  With your big face and chipped nail polish!



I enjoyed how different each oyster tasted.  Some were more buttery, some were more briny but they were all delicious.


I didn’t drink all the wine, even though that’s how I introduced myself, as a Mona Big Gulp and greeted everyone in a low growl and ambiguous accent, “I love wineeeeee.”  Goes well with my chipped nail polish!  Which were great in the morning but I guess the secret’s out that I like to crawl everywhere instead of walking like a normal person.

I really liked being able to sample which wine was suggested as a pairing because even though this picture depicts how comfortable I am with wine, I really don’t know what I’m doing.  Whole Foods has a great list of holiday wine pairings on their website and their staff is ready to help you out in person, too.  My favorite wine was the Globerati Sauvignon Blanc.  Light, sweet and fruity and definitely something I would drink again.


There were white elephant gifts!  I had a high number so I got to see others open their gifts–all Whole Food treats like chocolate and toffee brittle and peppermint bark.  There were a few steals but no drama.  No tears!  No familial strife surfacing because your aunt called you fat in 1996 and you. haven’t. gotten. over. it. IMG_1315.JPGI got a delicious bag of coffee which I was ready to fight over.  It smelled heavenly. IMG_1312.JPG

I tried to capture the kid in the background photobombing Heather and Kerri.  Don’t worry little boy, your shucking days will come.


I had such a fun time exploring this world of oysters and wine.  It’s such grown-up knowledge to have and share with your friends and family at a holiday party or with neighbors, or strangers who are wondering you gave you clearance, this is a secure area, we’re going to have to ask you to leave, ma’am.   It’s the kind of fancy that you deserve to have, regardless of your nail polish status and I would happily share this cheer with you, internet friend.

Check out the Whole Foods Interbay for upcoming events, classes, and holiday tips!  Thanks for having me!


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