And now we are nine

Nathan turned nine years old.  NINE.  Which means I can make it about me and say that almost 10 years ago, I was pregnant with this big baby and now hulking child.  He’s really turned out nicely. He says things like, “Thank you, my beautiful mom,” and I respond because I am a terrible, untrusting person, “What do you want, now?” But despite my failings, he still hugs me and says, “You’ll always be in my heart. No one will ever replace you.”  Am I going somewhere?! Do you know something I don’t know? Gahhh!

We celebrated at the bowling alley and invited a few friends. I was worried that no one would come because it was a gorgeous weekend and gorgeous weekends in Seattle turn people into flakes. But people did come! And they brought gifts to feed Nathan’s latest obsession: Pokemon. Great! Another way to suck up all my money! Especially since most of the cards I buy for him are “weak” and he is only interested in cards that are “hecka strong.” I HAVE A CHILD WHO SAYS “HECKA STRONG”! Goodbye world, I am dead now.

TJ took part of the activities, too. Mostly coming to me when he needed another quarter for the games. Luckily, I know quarters the currency and the game (thanks, college!) so I was prepared.

Nathan loves bowling so this was a great way to spend the day–eating cake, playing games and celebrating my first born who made me a mom and constantly shares words that strike my heart every time.

Happy birthday, Nathan!

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  1. Happy birthday Nathan! I love the top picture of him, with the sunglasses and pin. It looks like a wonderful day was had by everyone. 🙂
    Sarah recently posted..Sunny Day in May

  2. Happy birthday to your big kid!
    Home Sweet Sarah recently posted..RHONY Recap: Heavyweight fighting

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