Review: R.A.F.T. (Rabbits Afloat From Thuringia)

This morning I took my boys to the first showing of the play “R.A.F.T (Rabbits Afloat From Thuringia)” at the beautiful 12th Avenue Arts. I’m always a little worried about taking both of them anywhere because they are feral creatures, the five-year-old especially. He’s supposed to stay still until the surgeon declares his post-surgery healing 90% completed but it would be easier to hug a tornado so I took the opportunity to get them both out of the house and expose them to something cute, clever and culturally-relevant.


The space is gorgeous. There were some treats and drinks available to purchase in the lobby and the entrance was a great place for TJ to “shake the sillies out” before the play began.


We took our seats in the small theater. I wanted to sit toward the exit in case we had to leave, especially since we were encouraged to take a break if we needed to and TJ is the one who needs many breaks. The lights went down and TJ announced, “IS IT OVER?!” And everyone laughed. And I said yes, my life is over because I am dead. I am the dead mom who breathed her last breath in these seats because she wanted to give her kids some culture.

  The play continued and it was very entertaining. It followed the story of two German rabbits lost at sea, looking to head to America but stumbling into inner and outer struggles, not to mention a playful shark that appears every so often to liven things up. The play is really cute and there are some interactive parts for little ones and jokes that the big kids will get, especially if they love 80s music and German pop culture. TJ had some trouble staying in his seat and I tried to shush and bribe him to stay silent. I would have taken a break if I were closer to the exit, since another family did the same thing but we stayed and laughed and shimmied to the songs that accompanied this tale of two rabbits trying to find their way.

It was a great play for my boys to see together which was great because it’s hard to find something for both of them to enjoy. Nathan enjoyed the voices and dancing and TJ loved it when he could clap and cheer along, especially when the shark would appear. The play was nicely timed and the story unfolded in unpredictable and clever ways. It didn’t feel like a kid’s play at all as I laughed at a lot of the jokes and would have enjoyed it even without my kids in tow.

R.A.F.T. runs until May 24th. Please visit the Washington Ensemble Theatre for tickets and showtimes.

I received three tickets to view the play in exchange for my review. My opinions are 100% my own.

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