Ghouls and gals and other updates 

hello friends, how are you? I am well. Actually, if you asked me, “Hi Mona, how’s it going?” I would say, “I am good.” I am not the upper crust type who says, “I am *well,” like anyone in my office kitchen who reminds me that we did not grow up in the same kind of house, they probably went to fancy things like gymnastic classes and I could only afford to use the pew kneelers at our catholic church as a balance beam. I stuck the landing but my mom never took me to mass after that.   
Anyway! I’ve missed being here, writing in this blog of mine. I’ve missed having this part of my life that seemed to keep me in balance. I’ve been telling jokes. I’ve been laughing in other cities. I’ve cried over sad things that have resurfaced–a kind comic who died, memories of my high school best friend who died, other people I’ve lost. All this heaviness mixed into lighter moments, like a snow globe of glitter mixed with white beach sand colliding into the boulders they used to drown witches. It’s all here. And so am I. But I’m good. I really am.

Some updates: 

My mom has been visiting my brother in San Diego. She has been here since July, when Nathan and I returned from Saipan. This is the first time we’ve had to figure out how this house works. It’s funny how much I’ve relied on her to be the central nervous system of this home, if a central nervous system made dinner every night, washed and folded clothes, and listened patiently as you talked about your comedy shows and always asked, “Were there any Chamorros in the audience?” No mom, the village of Susupe was not in the audience. Believe me, I ask. 

I wore this trill coat. I bought this back in 2003 at Hempfest, which is a pro-marijuana festival in Seattle. I don’t remember what made me buy this from a vendor, only that it was $40 and I’ve never let it go. I want to make this more of my identity. Like, there’s Mona in that vintage coat, trying too hard. That’s something I identify with: desperation. 


Can we talk about cuuuute Halloween is? TJ is Captain Chamerica, representing his American side that will be able to move through this world with privilege and his Chamorro side that will have to explain where Saipan is and that Chamorro is not a food. Nathan is Jake the Dog from Adventure Time. The hole isn’t big enough for him to see or breathe at the same time, so he has to choose one or the other. A dog’s life isn’t easy, kid.

How are you doing, friend?

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  1. According to the Internet, it is perfectly acceptable to say, “I am good,” as an answer to “How are you.” So, There you have it. You are upper crust!

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