Buenas! I’m Mona Concepcion.

I’m a Seattle-based comedian, mom and Chamorro from the tiny tropical island of Saipan which I miss every single day I have to open an umbrella. I have lived in this city since 2001 and as much as I hate the traffic, the frizz-inducing rain or people who chastise me for not eating quinoa, I love this city.

I started this website in 1999, when I was a junior in high school and thought it very clever to write hormone-charged, cryptic entries. This blog has chronicled my life as a non-profiteer, college student turned college grad, fiancee turned wife turned pregnant wife and now, full-time working mother, writer, comedian and photographer.


I have two boys named Nathan (born 2006) and TJ (born 2010) who fill my heart with so much joy, I have to find another chest to fit it all in. And they’re the reason why I will never be able to retire.

My husband Mike is a poet, teacher and author who was very kind to ask me to marry him in front of 8,000 screaming basketball fans.

Mike’s marriage proposal at the Seattle Storm game from mona on Vimeo.

I regularly perform stand-up around Seattle and the west coast. I like to do fun things on stage like send messages to my mom to show her I have friends!

“Kirida” is word in my native language, Chamorro, meaning “favorite girl.” It is often applied to the youngest girl of the family and (spoiler alert!) that’s me. Unfortunately, it’s very confusing to most mainlanders, especially those who say, “kirinda” or “kerida” or “kilililili.”

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I love jeans that make me look hot, food so good I get angry I can’t eat it every day and you, my internet friend.

Email me at mona {at} at kirida {dot com}

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