{about me}

I’m Mona Concepcion.

I live in Seattle with my sons Nathan and TJ and husband Mike. I grew up about six thousand miles away on a tiny island in the Pacific called Saipan. It’s a gorgeous part of the world that I miss very much, especially when the city rain is freezing or when I’m hungry and would love some corn soup. I have lived in Seattle since 2001 and as much as I hate the traffic, the frizz-inducing rain or people who chastise me for not eating quinoa, I truly love this city.

My husband is 27 years older than I am. As vast and cavernous that age gap is (filled with things like how he doesn’t know many plots from Saved By the Bell), he is a sweet, sweet man. Plus, I get mail from AARP automatically. Who’s in for an early buffet! Here’s how he proposed to me:

Mike’s marriage proposal at the Seattle Storm game from mona on Vimeo.

I performed stand-up comedy while I was six months pregnant with my second son and also suffering the worst cold of my life. Here’s how that went:

Mona at the Comedy Underground from mona on Vimeo.

I regularly perform stand-up around Seattle.

I take my photos with my shiny iPhone or my trusty Canon 30D (accessories: 430ex flash, lenses: 24-105L, 50 1.8mm, 17-85mm). You can see more of my photos on flickr. Flower photo break!

Of pinker days

I love 90s-era Comedy Central, classic Nickelodeon, Angry Birds on my iPhone, my kids’ laughing, awesome thrift store finds, Indian buffets, jeans that make me look good, and you, my internet friend.

photo by Lena Holz and Abbey Drake

{what is “kirida”?}

“Kirida” is word in my native language, Chamorro, meaning “favorite girl.” It is often applied to the youngest girl of the family and (spoiler alert!) that’s me. Unfortunately, it’s very confusing to most mainlanders, especially those who say, “kirinda” or “kerida” or “kilililili.”

{about kirida dot com}

I started this website in 1999, when I was a junior in high school and thought it very clever to write hormone-charged, cryptic entries. I dropped the site for a while and started back up in late 2004. Since then, this website has chronicled my life as a non-profiteer, college student turned college grad, fiancee turned wife turned pregnant wife and now, full-time working mother, writer, comedian and photographer.

The current theme is from Studio Press and the background is from Squidfingers.

Email me at mona {at} at kirida {dot com}