shows this week!


A few shows this week, friends, frienemies, and people who didn’t tell me there was something on my face when I asked, “Is there something on my face?” You know who you are! 

Wednesday, September 10Columbia City Comedy Show Presents Beka Barry! 

Thursday, September 11Comedy at the Benbow Room

Friday, September 12Scene at the Skylark

My weekend at Bumbershoot

I attended Bumbershoot for the first time in my life. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to do it because it was two truly magical days. I came as an attendee but next year I’ll do my best to be there as a performer because performers were given free food, booze and puppies to hold and I love all those three things, food most of all. You already knew I was going to say that. You know me so well, Internet!

I did take a break from my diet (and this is break number what, Mona?! Shut up, brain) but it was worth it because I enjoyed myself, with good food and drinks in a gorgeous city and a festival that inspired and entertained me over and over again.




I saw a few comedy shows with Beth Stelling, Pete Holmes, Rory Scovel, Janeane Garofalo, Carmen Lynch and caught Doug Benson’s podcast: Doug Loves Movies. People were really into those shows and the lines were long. You had to pick up a pass early and if you didn’t get it, you had to get into the standby line and wait. I did both things and was so blown away by the quality of the jokes, the way they mastered the stage and I kept thinking, I’m going to be backstage next year hugging puppies.







A really cool moment happened during my friend Emmett Montgomery’s show where he asked for an audience member to volunteer a question so I raised my hand. Later, after storytelling and jokes, I was called on stage to share my question: “Will my children be happy?” There was a fortune telling contraption which two other performers worked on to keep the domino effect rolling with balls and bells and fake feet and finally, Emmett looked at a magic 8 ball and said, “It is decidedly so.”

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